A red, pencil sketch like drawing of the outline of a concerned looking goat, stands juxtoposed over the background of a Sonoran Desert night sky photo of the Milky Way.

Here you will find a list of people I consider worth checking out. Some of them may be a part of history; others may presently be making history, etc.. Generally these are people I consider to be noteworthy. Currently they will be listed in descending order, based on when I felt motivated enough to put them here; and, when I was able to recall them, or come across them. It's not really necessary at this point to categorize and organize such a small list.

There are a lot of people that belong here; but, I feel like a list that large would tend to make for a rather seemingly unimportant swimming pool filled with diamonds (and I'm probably not motivated enough to do that anyway, currently). If one were wealthy enough to make such a thing happen; a single diamond may not hold that much importance. So, hopefully I can avoid that type of scenario, and this list will be filled with, 'diamonds in the rough', so to speak; rather than diamonds in the diamond brokers safe.

Sabine Hossenfelder