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Here, you will find a list of places I consider worth checking out. You will also find a list of organizations I consider worth donating to. There are many places to go on the Internet; being that this list could potentially become quite large, immediately below, you will find an index. Currently there is no alphabetical order or otherwise. Loosely, perhaps, but not always, from top to bottom, places are listed either by importance (as considered by me), or by whatever I managed to remember first, or come across later.

Index of Places I Consider Worth Checking Out

Organizations Worth Donating To

Electronic Frontier Foundation
The EFF is a nonprofit organization in support of liberty, privacy, and free speech in matters of technology.
Free Software Foundation
The FSF is the founding organization for the Free Software Movement.
Stop The Drug War
This organizations is aimed at bringing an end to the prohibitive, "drug war;" in that, the prohibition itself, does more harm than good.

Privacy Respecting Search Engines

Duckduckgo is an American based search engine that claims to respect user privacy.
Qwant is a French search engine that claims to respect user privacy.


GNU is Not Unix
This is the home of the GNU project, a fully free (as in freedom) computer operating system (more often colloquially referred to as Linux (which is an operating system kernel))

Awesome Places to Find Awesome Music

Ektoplazm was a leader, for the better part of a decade, in the distribution of free (as in freedom and as in free of cost) music, of the psytrance variety. The site has been in suspended animation for a while; but, it still offers a compelling library of some amazing music; and all of it is Creative Commons licensed. Their downtempo psytrance section was a favorite of mine for some time.
Free Music Archive
The Free Music Archive was about to meet it's end; but, it was recently revived and is back in action. It's an archive of free music; of which, you can find various Creative Commons licensed musical works (of art).
Jamendo was once much more awesome than it has become; however, it turned into a bit of a corporate pile of crap. However, you can still find a lot of great (freely available) creative commons music there, and some really great music at that. Just don't expect to find a lot of creative commons licensed works that allow derivative works (such as putting music to video, to make a music video); and don't expect it to be easy to figure out what license each song is licensed as; as they have made it difficult to do so.
Bandcamp is another amazing source for music from independent artists. The majority of the music here is not Creative Commons licensed; but, from time to time you can come across some gems that are both amazing to listen to as well as Creative Commons licensed. I've found quite a few amazing tunes here.

Personal Websites, Off the Beaten Path

For a bit of tech, opinions, tales, humorous prose, and consumer woes, Snork doesn't disappoint.
I stumbled upon Nils site a while ago and ended up here. I've found some gems here, and some solace and respite; thank-you Nils.