Entry: #00
Date: 2022-02-14

Julius Sumner Miller

I have had the extraordinary pleasure of encountering some of Julius Sumner Miller's presentations, through archived video, shared through the Internet. As it stands, I don't know a lot about him thoroughly, but I will convey what I do know, as succinctly as I can. Querying the web, is of course a better way to find out for yourself what he was all about.

However, to the best of my current knowledge, Julius Sumner Miller was a physics teacher. What made him extraordinary, is his passion, his approach, and his reach. He is famously known for the statement, "why is it so?" And to me, that sums up what his message was all about.

He didn't just want to teach physics. He wanted to teach it in a way the common people could understand. He didn't want physics to be something only accessible to a select few. And to top it off, he was actually able to achieve this. Physics, by it's very nature, is quite fascinating; and I think Mr. Miller was able to not only capture that essence, but convey it to a large audience.

Why is it so, that he was able to take something, like physics, and make it palatable to everyone, no matter their education level? I don't completely know. However, I would hypothesize, that he was compelled to do so. Why are there so few Julius Sumner Millers, in a world so desperately in need of them? I don't completely know that either; but, I think it's a good question!

You can find some of his presentations on that popular video platform; or, learn more about his life on Wikipedia. As for me, I quite frequently find myself wondering, "why is it so?"