A red, pencil sketch like drawing of the outline of a concerned looking goat, stands juxtoposed over the background of a Sonoran Desert night sky photo of the Milky Way.

Contained herein, are a collection of thought pieces. Information in these works may be incorrect/inaccurate due to, ignorance, faulty memory, mistakes, etc.. However, my intent is not to be factually inaccurate or flat out wrong about something; and I try to avoid that. Spelling and grammar errors may occur as well; though, I try to edit them out. Thoughts are often just thoughts. I'd like to believe they are not always to be trusted, believed, or taken too seriously. However, I have them from time to time along with everyone else. Sometimes they are insightful, useful, and beneficial; sometimes not. So, with that, here are some thoughts of mine.


Thoughts on...

That Newly Minted Word: Anemoia
Why, nostalgia, has been a recently popularized misnomer for that feeling marked by a profound sense of beauty, longing, and melancholy.

Socialism and Communism
Perhaps the grass is simply greener, because it's on the other side.

Why is this transgression, so often misunderstood?

Richard Branson's (July 2021) Space Flight
He ain't an astronaught.

Contemporary Productivity
It's ruining everything.

Disinformation and Misinformation
Good fake news is hard to find these days.

There's a lot of it.



Pure Research
What is Pure Research? And why does the Internet seem to have forgotten what it is?