Entry: #00
Date: 2021-09-17

Sabine Hossenfelder

I'm very pleased for Sabine Hossenfelder to be the first addition to my list of, 'noteworthy individuals'; what I've seen of her work so far was enough to motivate me to finally update this empty, 'people,' section of this site. Anyways...

Sabine is a theoretical physicist. I just discovered her today, on youtube. It seems she's had a channel for about six or seven-ish years now. I find it a bit of a shame I should just now be finding out about her. I've really only casually perused her youtube channel and looked her up on Wikipedia. I believe she's also recently written a book, within the past few years; her Wikipedia page has that kind of information. Her blog also seems to remain current. She also has a channel for her music videos.

Any-who, check her out, if you haven't heard of her. I find her take on things to be quite refreshing and novel. I'd like to say more; but, for lack of not knowing more of her and her works, I'll leave it at that.

I'll leave you to find her publications on your own, if you are interested in those sorts of things. Fortunately Sabine seems quite adept at simplifying things for common understanding. Maybe I'll get around to reading this, if I'm competent enough to understand it. I'm not sure I agree with any argument against, 'free will'; but it's likely, at a certain level of understanding, that, that statement isn't as simple as it tends to come across as. Anyway, such stuff belongs in my, 'thoughts' section.

Cheers, Sabine!